10 Ways Outdoor Lighting Will Make You the Envy of the Neighborhood

  • Your house will stand out on the street

  • End of the “Holiday lights fights”

  • No more holiday lighting accidents

  • Find your keys and the keyhole at night

  • Show your team spirit

  • Your beautiful yard should be seen at night too Increase the value of your home

  • Stop unwanted traffic through your yard

  • Celebrate every holiday with the ease of an app

  • Get rid of the skunks and other pests for good.

Most outdoor lights are rated to -20 and we're the only company in Canada to offer a light with a low temperature rating of -55 degrees.

We're the only company in Canada whose lights are fireproof. This means that you will never be in danger of a fire starting from the lights.

We're the only company in Canada with a lifetime waterproof rating.​ That means is the lights are rated to be waterproof for a lifetime of Canadian Winters.

We're the only company in Canada that Solders & Heat Shrinks their lights strings together. The more plastic and copper connectors you have in a string of lights the more opportunity you have for failure and problems. 

Canada Cold Proofed

Fire Proofed

Weather Proofed

No Plastic & Copper Connectors